About Us

JM Prophecies Corporation is a family owned investment and operating company located in Gainesville, Florida.  JM Prophecies is organized across five business groups: (1) Real Estate; (2) Brain Health Care; (3) Media; (4) IoT, the Internet and Commerce Media; and (5) Industrials.  We manage and operate JM Prophecies under the “JM Prophecies Leadership Code” which is:

  1. Prophecy MUST Come Before Vision – learn to see and alter the future;
  2. Embrace Leadership – Leadership is ALL about helping others be successful;
  3. Reject Self-Serving Power – because the accumulation of self-serving power as a leadership strategy always ends badly for all those involved.

The underlying strategy of our Mission is to: “Invert the Global Wealth Inequality Pyramid”.  We pursue this strategy under our following “5 Steps to Invert Income and Wealth Inequality Pyramids”:

Step 1: Develop and Publish New Leadership and Business Models That People Can Adopt to Improve Their Productivity and Innovation That Will Reduce All Levels of Inequality.

Step 2: Build Valuable Businesses Demonstrating Our New Leadership and Business Models That Are Founded Under Our Wealth Inequality Reversal Mission.

Step 3: Provide Platforms for Those in The Middle and Upper Bottom of The Inequality Pyramids to Help Themselves Advance Up the Pyramids.

Step 4: Provide Platforms for Those in The Bottom of The Inequality Pyramids to Receive Short Term Assistance in Return for Long Term Payback.

Step 5: Remove Crime, Addiction, Mental Illness, And Homelessness from Communities and Assist Those Populations Separately.

We are actively seeking Teaming Partners across all five business groups.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming a JMP Teaming Partner please contact us to learn more about these opportunities.