Climate Bridges

As you can learn from watching our Chairman’s videos and reading his books, Net Zero Carbon offers no solutions for climate change or global warming in the 21st century.  The endless debate between climate hysteria and climate hoax advocates must stop.  Arguing solely for political advantage must stop.  Advocating silly and potentially dangerous proposals must stop.  We believe we are the global leaders in climate change strategy.  How can we credibly make that claim?  Because we offer actual solutions to slow and reverse rising ocean coastlines.  We offer actual solutions to stop desertification and biodiversity loss.  And most importantly, our solutions are designed to make money on global warming.  We believe our solutions can pay for climate change, pay off our national debts, and fund social entitlements into perpetuity.  Our climate change strategies can also end crime, homelessness and provide hope for an exhausted planet and populations.  Global warming is the biggest economic opportunity for our Nation since the Louisiana Purchase.  Similar opportunities await the rest of the World to embrace.  

As discussed throughout this website, we offer the following solutions for defeating climate change and global warming.  We invite you to challenge and add to our data models.  We also invite you to join us to implement our solutions and strategies, and offer geographic and operational tactics.

5% Fresh Water Goal

We will soon be releasing an interactive dashboard to help you understand and challenge our strategies and economic outcomes, and develop your own dashboard.

Drone Boats With Industrial Chillers

We are currently conducting research to begin the establishment of a Florida based, then migrate nationally, the development of an emergency ocean coastal and inland water temperature platform, similar to a 911 platform.  The emergency response team(s) will use drone boats outfitted with industrial chillers designed to cool the waters to provide bridges over emergency heat moments.  Targeted applications include but will not be limited to cooling oyster and clam beds, cooling coral reefs, cooling salmon and trout streams and other biodiversity habitats.  We plan to investigate sailing our drone boat chiller fleet in advance of hurricane pathways to cool the waters in front of the hurricane.  We will also investigate cooling “king tide” waters to suppress water levels due to the fact that ocean waters volume expands as they warm, in a process called thermal expansion.

Ocean Water Import Credits

We believe carbon credits will prove to be worthless.  We believe a better hedge of loss for ocean front properties will be the establishment of an ocean water import credit option/exchange based on the above 5% freshwater goal.  We plan to develop this exchange with insurers and other financial organizations.

Review our listing of current and future climate change products and services.