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Reject Self Serving Power

Helping Others Be Successful Finding Selflessness in Business, Politics and Life

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The Leadership Broadcasting Company

A New Era in Media, News and Information to Create Trust and Rebuild the Country

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Building The Selfless Economy

Stepping Back From the Abyss

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Learn how prophecy before vision works!

You can impact your future directly through prophecy

Monitoring and analyzing the three headwaters of your prophecies are the key aspects of prophecy. These are monitoring and understanding global demographic, the technologies of the times, and the three pendulums of society.

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You Deserve Clarity about your Future

Three steps to seeing your future clearly

Read the book first

In Prophecy Before Vision you will learn how you can become a prophet who clearly sees the future — and you can learn how to alter it with the Prophecy Before Vision methodology.

Continually Refine & Learn

The process of gaining clarity is an on going process of observing, learning, and refining your prophecy. Resources on this site and future books will equip you.

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What is the global inequality pyramid

How to change the world and help the less fortunate

In order to understand the devastating impact of the global wealth inequality pyramid, just monitor the US Census Bureau for quarterly US wealth inequality, which also approximates global wealth inequality. According to the US Census Bureau:

1. The wealthiest 1% of the population own 32% of the Country’s wealth;

2. The next 49% of the population own 66%; and,

3. The bottom 50% of the Nation’s population own only 2% of the Nation’s wealth. This is a national and global disgrace and why we are dedicating the rest of our lives to invert this pyramid.

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