Our Mission

Tackling the major challenges of our times

Building the Selfless Economy

Decision Making Under Great Uncertainty

Our Country and the rest of the World are drowning in a sea of unforced decision errors. Almost all leaders today make their decisions based on (1) what they know (or what they think they know) and (2) what is most self-serving. We believe leaders should make decisions based on (1) what is coming at the organization they lead in the future and (2) helping others be successful. We explain our decision making process through Prophecy Before Vision and Reject Self-Serving Power which are summarized in our Blog.

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Our Target Markets

Our target markets are people in the bottom half of the wealth inequality pyramid. We measure the value of our target markets by the amount of cash flow we can help them achieve instead of how much wealth or purchasing power they may have. We always begin our target market segmentation with the people at the absolute bottom of the wealth inequality pyramid – those with no money, no job, no hope, those with absolutely nothing and nowhere to go. After we decide how we plan to build a business around those initial target market segments we then add additional target segments by moving up the wealth inequality pyramid.

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Building the Selfless Economy

Karl Marx was right about one thing – The Power is in the Masses. America has a dormant work force exceeding 50 million people. People who could and should be working, but are not. You will not find the BIG target markets or customers of the future on Park Avenue, Ocean Drive or in Silicon Valley. You will find them on the front doorsteps of 400,000+ foster care children. You will find them on the couches and in the living rooms of 2.8 billion global video gamers. You will find them on the prison yards of the 7,000+ prisons and jails in the US. You will find them inside the filthy tents of over a million homeless people. We believe this is a $10 trillion opportunity which will dramatically increase the Nation’s labor participation rate and overall productivity.

The Five Steps of Contrarian Evolution and Contrarian Economics – economic, political, military, social, and industrial policies and inventions built on making the planet healthier than before humans ever stepped foot on the planet. The Five Steps of Contrarian Evolution and Contrarian Economics are as follows:

  • Make healing the planet the universal crime sentence.
  • Build the infrastructure to manage a healthy planet.
  • Unlock the vast value of government-owned fallow real estate.
  • Build a global leading maritime industry in the US, based around drone boats and drone ships.
  • End strategic atrophy and prove Lenin wrong.
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Building the Climate Change Bridge

Net zero carbon was a great start. But it is time to move on and build the climate change bridge that will actually solve rising ocean coastlines, biodiversity loss, desertification, ocean pollution and depletion of fresh water supplies without destroying global economies along the way.

The only physically possible way to defeat climate change is to put water that came from land back on land. How hard is that to understand?
James Michael Matthew