Book Review of Building The Selfless Economy

The US Review of Books publishes its Book Review of Building The Selfless Economy.

Chairman Interview for Building The Selfless Economy

Listen to our Chairman as he introduces his new economic, industrial, military, and social theories and inventions for saving humanity in crisis in the 21st century.

James Michael Matthew releases Book 7: Building The Selfless Economy – Saving Humanity in Crisis

Book 7 discusses replacing angst with confidence and excitement in our Nation including a specific plan to get there. Read more

Chairman Interview for The Two $20 Trillion Opportunities

Learn how we can use global warming to pay for climate change, pay off our national debts, and fund social entitlements into perpetuity.

Chairman Interview for The Leadership Broadcasting Company – The Decision-Making Network

Hear our Chairman discuss the business plan for launching our media company.

New York Book Festival Award Winner

Building the Climate Change Bridge wins 2023 New York Book Festival Award.

Chairman Interview: Defeating The New Axis Powers

Listen to our Chairman explain the geopolitics of climate change and why we must include a discussion of The New Axis Powers in any discussion of solving climate change.

Defeating the New Axis Powers wins 2023 Pacific Book Awards

Defeating the New Axis Powers wins 2023 Pacific Book Awards for Best Current Events & Politics.

Book 6 – The Leadership Broadcasting Company Released

James Michael Matthew announces the release of Book 6. Read the press release