Inverting the Global Wealth Inequality Pyramid

JM Prophecies 5 steps to invert income and wealth inequality pyramids

Why do we at JM Prophecies Corporation believe we can be successful in reversing these long historical inequalities when so many others have failed over time and continue to flail about with no progress in sight? Conceptually, our approach is simple. Those who others see as drains on society, we see as our target markets. When others say you must get the “best” people in your organization to compete and succeed, we say no, we can actually build great businesses with “average” and “below average” people who just want a chance at a better life. (After all, the old cliché is so true—90 percent of life is just showing up.) I am a devout capitalist and believe most of what Karl Marx wrote was rubbish. But Marx was right about one thing. He was right that “true power lies in the masses, not for what they own but for what they can produce and consume over their lifetimes.”

Although our plans are simple in concept, their implementation is by necessity complex—such complexity is dictated by the enormity of the task before us. Our implementation strategies are summarized in our five steps to invert income and wealth inequality pyramids.

Step 1 to invert income and wealth inequality pyramids

Step 1: Develop and Publish New Leadership and Business Models That People Can Adopt to Improve Their Productivity and Innovation That Will Reduce All Levels of Inequality.

At JM Prophecies we have adopted many conventional business principles including innovation is at the core of our success and everyone markets and everyone sells.  We have also invented our own new leadership principles and business models. Many of our new models are discussed in this book, such as learning to predict the future and decision-making under uncertainty: making the right call 100 percent of the time with only 5–10 percent of the information.  Four of our leadership principles are most relevant to our discussion here:

Prophecy before vision

Forty years of observing and working with CEOs, boards of directors, and senior management teams has left me shaking my head in amazement about how mightily most struggle with succinctly articulating their “vision” for their organization. I am also amazed by how little research has been conducted on this topic. Over the years, I have often wondered how so many smart and highly educated people could struggle with the single most important aspect of their responsibilities. I have come to believe the reason people struggle so much with vision is they have no innate feel or understanding for what I call “prophecy.” Prophecy must come before vision. If you have no insight into what future external forces hold for your organization, how can you lead that organization? If you have no feel for what events are hurtling toward you and your company (e.g., global wealth inequality), how can you plan or prepare? I believe so passionately in this concept of prophecy before vision that I named our company accordingly. We begin with global demographics as the headwaters of our prophecies. We research global demographical data and we prepare, monitor, and update our own global and domestic demographic forecasts.

Leadership means helping others be successful

How many CEOs or boards of directors can honestly say their organizations believe in this principle and practice it religiously, or at all? Our mission keeps us from straying from this critically important principle. Whenever we are confronted with competing decisions, we simply ask ourselves: Which path will most help others be successful? The answer always leads us back to our true course.

Generosity is the new currency of our times

In an ever-increasingly connected world, we have found that planting seeds of generosity reap nonstop harvests of future returns. As consumers grow weary of business models that target their pocketbooks and mindshare and auction their personal data for no return, the companies that adopt generosity as the currency of our times will command customer loyalty that cannot be breached.

Target markets begin at the very bottom of the inequality pyramid

To be very clear: our intent is not to be another do-gooder philanthropic organization. We have set out upon a great quest to invert the global wealth inequality pyramid both because we wish to change the world and because that is where the big opportunities are. Remember, Marx was right about one thing: “The power is in the masses.” We buy real estate that nobody else wants. We embrace the neighborhoods with the absolute worse schools. We recruit the unemployed and even better, the unemployable. We lend money to the so-called credit unworthy.

Why are we willing to take such risks, and how can we be successful when others cannot? Because we cherish and love doing what no one else will do. We assist and grow the intellectual base of the communities we invest in. A classic example we chuckle at is the conventional definition and construction of: low-income affordable housing. Conventional wisdom means building multiunit buildings and packing tenants into uncomfortable living quarters from day one. Inevitably, the investor ends up asking themselves years later: What happened to my great property, and why is it now in such bad condition? The answer to their question is they never even tried to change the intellectual fabric of the community or help the people in that community become successful. Conversely, we strengthen our members’ intellectual fabric from the outset. We start with partnering with the local schools. We target the public schools struggling the most—those that are located: across the line and have been for decades, right in plain sight, and have problems or barriers to their success that nobody can make a dent in, no matter how much taxpayer money is thrown at the problem. We establish our own underwriting standards that no competitor can even begin to comprehend, much less emulate. And finally, we define the value of a customer as the total incremental potential value of that customer—not by what they currently have, but by what we can help them achieve.

Step 2 to invert income and wealth inequality pyramids

Step 2: Build Valuable Businesses Demonstrating Our New Leadership and Business Models That Are Founded Under Our Wealth Inequality Reversal Mission

New Leadership and Business Models

In order to maximize the returns on our new business model inventions, we launch and invest in our own businesses that adopt our new inventions. We focus on building entrepreneurs. We believe the serfdoms of our times are the result of millions of people leaving farms to go to big cities to find employment. This mass migration to large urban centers has destroyed much of the entrepreneurial spirit of our society. At JM Prophecies, we are about building that family farm family business feeling and entrepreneurial spirit back into the population. Having grown up on a family farm in central Illinois, I know that feeling very well and cherish my time there growing up as a boy and into a man who had that opportunity to experience what family entrepreneurialism feels like and how it can help build an invincible society.

We target very basic businesses that bottom pyramid members can understand and work with to build their lives. But more importantly, we also target cutting-edge 4.0-based companies and industries to move our bottom pyramid members up the pyramid value chain. Most current business school curriculums still advocate second industrial revolution business practices, but we believe in the fourth industrial revolution and are inventing new business models and economic theories for future public policy that will be more suited to third and fourth industrial revolution economies. We plan to publish additional economic theories and public policy recommendations in future publications.

We think globally but act locally. We think big but act and invest small. We purchase, locate, and position our commercial investments in the worst possible areas we can find—at the absolute bottom of the pyramid. These strategies allow our members to share in the wealth they help create.

When traditional investors say focus, focus, focus, we say: diversify to the maximum extent possible in order to build a broad economic tent with enough revenue streams so members can enter and select which economic ladders best fit their interests and skills.

We think philanthropically, preferring to invest in companies that build top-line revenues to employ more members over businesses that focus on driving bottom-line net profits. But we act as private investors. One of our guiding philanthropic principles isnothing happens until you build a business around it.

We are contrarian investors and quick-to-act opportunists who exploit fissures in what we call “the three pendulums of a society.” The three pendulums are the subject of chapter 2 and explain what we believe will set the tone for future economic and public policy in the US and beyond.

Step 3 to invert income and wealth inequality pyramids

Step 3 – Provide Platforms for Those in The Middle and Upper Bottom of The Inequality Pyramids to Help Themselves Advance Up the Pyramids.

The Middle and Upper Bottom of The Inequality Pyramids

A huge untapped market of potential future entrepreneurs exists in these segments of the U.S. and Global populations, just waiting and yearning to be mined for their potential. We vigorously believe in and plan to invest heavily in multiple types of Incubators to identify our Army of Entrepreneurs. These Incubators can be both virtual and physical in form. The most successful Incubators must include investment funding for the resident entrepreneurs. We will invest in both majority and minority owned incubator companies. We also look to assist our investee companies in raising additional rounds of capital currently beyond our own financial capabilities.

Step 4 to invert income and wealth inequality pyramids

Step 4 – Provide Platforms for Those in The Bottom of The Inequality Pyramids to Receive Short Term Assistance in Return for Long Term Payback.

Those in The Bottom of The Inequality Pyramids

These target market segments comprise our single largest target market for residential real estate. Our strategy is to acquire bottom of market properties and build up the intellectual capacity of the residential population. We partner with community schools, churches, municipal governments and other local community organizations to help build that intellectual fabric, at all age levels, but primarily high school through adult education.

Unlike most real estate investors in pyramid bottom communities who will build only multi-unit properties, we are not advocates of multi-unit properties. Instead, we invest in traditional single-family homes. This strategy helps build family units and increases the overall value of the communities and real estate properties in those communities.

We also are sensitive to avoid gentrification. We believe in creating a several multiple increase in valuation but we also believe in the original owners participating in those valuations and building their own wealth.

By constantly looking to help our Members at the bottom of the Inequality Pyramid, we are simultaneously increasing the wealth of those higher in the Pyramid through better surrounding communities, more robust local economies, less taxes and public services required, etc.

We segment the bottom and middle sections of the Inequality Pyramid into many granularly defined separate target markets. We focus on those target market segments that need our help and currently do not flourish on their own. We avoid complementary market segments that can be successful on their own. For example, we target Aging Out Foster Care children but avoid high school seniors already college bound on their own. We target high school drop outs, pregnant young women with no partners, boys with no Fathers and homeless families. A picture of St. Jude, the Saint of Lost Causes, hangs in my office to remind me and my colleagues who are target market segments are.

Step 5 to invert income and wealth inequality pyramids

Step 5 – Remove Crime, Addiction, Mental Illness, And Homelessness from Communities and Assist Those Populations Separately.

Step 5 is the most difficult of our Business Model. Step 5 revolves around the belief and strategy that these target market segments (Yes, these are target markets.) have common causality and can therefore have common solutions. Our pilot products to approach these target segments include the following.

JM Prophecies Brain Care Corporation

Our health care company dedicated to the study of brain health. Our initial targets include:

  1. Developing a broad group of partnerships with health care providers, municipal organizations and other not for profit organizations dedicated to serving these populations to develop common solutions.
  2. Using these partnerships to accumulate a large database of brain scans to study for common causality and potential common solutions.
  3. Development of a cell therapy company to conduct research for potential common solutions using brain cell therapy.

JM Prophecies Family Services – Code Red Product

We all make mistakes in life. One of the keys to a successful life is: Don’t make mistakes you NEVER stop paying for, – a Life Catastrophe Moment. If you ask the majority of people in prison or who have been in prison the following question: How long did you think about the act that sent you to prison? Almost all respond with some version of: A second or two – just a flash in time. Most crimes and other tragedies happen in a flash – in a nanosecond of time, in a person’s life and the victims if included in the act, are forever changed for the much worse – sometimes even the loss of life itself.

We have yet to develop this Life Catastrophic Moment product but our plan is to offer a Code Red warning and prevention product through an Online Community Based Family Services product. The concept is to immediately bring together a Community to say no: Do not do that and prevent those mistakes in life.

Drug Free and Secure Safe Haven Villages

Safe places where addicts can heal and make new lives for themselves. Battling the ravages on our society of drug addiction and crime are very much in our cross hairs. Our current thinking is to construct a village of concentric circles or: Town Squares with prisons at the inner most square with expanding outer squares of security and patrols that can allow prisoners, addicts, homeless, and mental illness patients to someday resume normal outside lives, but perhaps never actually leave the confines of a controlled environment. Our theory is these Concentric Villagers could help each other. Remember: Leadership is helping others be successful. Just because someone has stumbled in life and perhaps unfortunately made that mistake, they will never stop paying for, does not forever mean they could not lead happy and productive lives helping others in the Concentric Village Squares. Villagers’ families and friends could also become Villagers in outermost concentric circles or squares in relatively free and unsecured areas going outward but still subject to increasing levels of security and control as they travel inward.

Trauma Institute

Most adverse behaviors began with a traumatic experience. Trauma often comes from some form of abuse, often at an early age. Trauma can also begin with the sudden loss of a loved one through divorce, death, addiction of a family member or one of many other traumatic experiences. We plan to establish a Trauma Institute with many Teaming Partners and someday locate a physical Trauma Institute in our Concentric Village Squares.

Push – Pull Strategy Underlying JM Prophecies Brain Care

JM Prophecies Brain Care will utilize a Push – Pull Strategy whereby Villagers then under the Justice System will be Pushed into the Villages under normal judicial practices and processes. Villagers not under the Justice System will be Pulled into the Villages through their own decisions and pursuit of being close to family members, access to a safe-drug-free environment, and access to education and employment within the Villages’ perimeter.

JM Prophecies Brain Care Public / Private Partnerships

Existing prisons, jails and other publicly owned and operated facilities will continue to be owned and operated by those public entities. JM Prophecies Brain Care will enter into multiple public / private operating partnerships for JM Prophecies value adding properties, businesses and services. Wherever possible, JM Prophecies will seek to acquire land adjacent to or surrounding the public properties.


I think we can all agree the Global Wealth Inequality Pyramid is not sustainable.  We at JM Prophecies believe we have solutions.  We invite you to join us in our quest.