New release ‘Defeating the New Axis Powers’ explains how politics and geopolitics are all connected to climate change

Learn about the 21st century new Axis powers, how to defeat them and their new geographic theaters for WWIII


Award-winning author James Michael Matthew announces the publication of “Defeating the New Axis Powers: Same Plot New Script New Cast Same Ending” (published by Archway Publishing), the second of a three-part series dedicated to providing new solutions for solving the critical problems brought by global warming, climate change, rising ocean coastlines, biodiversity loss, ocean pollution, desertification, and freshwater depletion.

This book covers the geopolitics of solving climate change. Here, the author considers questions such as: Are the new Axis powers really embracing net zero carbon and green energy — or are they using such a stance to disguise their weaponization of fossil fuels and green energy raw materials? Should defeating the new Axis powers take precedence over humankind’s fight against global warming? Who are the new Axis powers, what do they want, and who are their friends? Matthew illustrates how country-by-country politics and geopolitics collectively are all connected to climate change.

An excerpt from the book reads:

Not all countries of the world “play by the rules.” The New Axis Powers are more than happy to play with the West under the pretense of caring about achieving net-zero carbon, but all along, they have been weaponizing fossil fuels and green energy’s raw materials under the disguise of embracing green energy. So long as we understand the geopolitical chessboard, we can defeat The New Axis Powers and global warming simultaneously. But defeating The New Axis Powers must always take precedence over defeating global warming.

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Defeating the New Axis Powers: Same Plot New Script New Cast Same Ending
By James Michael Matthew
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 202 pages | ISBN 9781665736879
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 202 pages | ISBN 9781665736886
E-Book | 202 pages | ISBN 9781665736893
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About the Author

James Michael Matthew is an award-winning author, financial executive, and industrialist with over 40 years of experience. He is the founder and chairman of JM Prophecies Corporation. His company’s missions include “Tackling the Major Challenges of Our Times, Building The Selfless Economy, and Inverting the Global Wealth Inequality Pyramid.” He graduated from The Johns Hopkins University with a master’s in biotechnology enterprise and entrepreneurship, an MBA from Michigan State University, and a bachelor’s in accounting and auditing from the University of Illinois-Springfield. Matthew has completed postgraduate studies in Law and Sustainability, and the Future of Sustainable Business from the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, the University of Oxford. Matthew is a member of The National Society, Sons of the American Revolution. His previous works include “Prophecy Before Vision,” recipient of Author Shout Top Pick Reader Ready Awards 2023, American Writing Awards 2022, New England Book Festival Award 2022 and New York Book Festival honorable mention (2022), and “Reject Self-Serving Power”, and “Building The Climate Change Bridge.”

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