Onshoring from China and Autonomous Devices


Our onshoring from China plans and work include the following 3 strategies and content:

  • Based on our Chairman’s upcoming books:
    • “Integrating the Economies of the Western Hemisphere”
    • “The Western Hemisphere Stock Exchange”
  • “Defeating the New Axis Powers”
  • Our work in Autonomous Devices – see below.

Autonomous Devices:

Our work in autonomous devices is currently our primary focus for onshoring from China.  We only work with autonomous devices that share the following characteristics:

  • Have both civilian and military applications.
  • Provide great social benefits and help to Invert the Global Inequality Pyramid.

Our current autonomous devices applications include the following:

  • Public safety for prisons and criminal justice reforms to:
    • End prison life; 
    • Dramatically reduce expenditures needed for public safety and criminal justice; and,
    • Keep society safe.
  • Preventing Biodiversity Loss including:
    • Battling invasive species
    • Battling poaching and illegal hunting
    • Protecting forests and other natural resources (one third of all global lumber sales come from illegally harvested forests)
  • Industrial sized chillers to:
    • Restore mountain snow caps and glaciers
    • Cool ocean waters in advance of hurricanes’ pathways
  • Upsizing the above applications to restore our Nation’s shipbuilding capabilities.  Ninety percent of all shipbuilding today is done in 3 countries: China, Japan, and South Korea.  We believe shipbuilding of the future will focus on smaller, primarily remotely controlled vessels – especially swarms of these vessels.  Jacksonville, Florida is one of the few remaining shipbuilding cities in the U.S.  We plan to leverage that infrastructure to build our open water autonomous devices.

Operating Strategy – We conduct all our autonomous devices work through our Affiliate Company: Social Solutions Experts (“SSE”). Learn more