The Two $20 Trillion Opportunities

The following information is referenced from: “The Two $20 Trillion Opportunities”, By: James Michael Matthew


The Two $20 Trillion Opportunities is the third and final part of a three-part series dedicated to providing new solutions for solving the critical problems brought by global warming, climate change, rising ocean coastlines, biodiversity loss, desertification, ocean pollution, and fresh waters depletion. This book (my fifth) focuses on paying for climate change, preparing for the end of natural resources, and lays out a map to begin building the climate change bridge. Book 3, Building The Climate Change Bridge, built the bridge for how we can transition from fossil fuels to green energy based societies. A bridge for how we get to there from here. Book 4, Defeating The New Axis Powers, focused on the geopolitical issues related to climate change.

This book also sets forth a plan to create The Selfless Economy which we first began studying together in Book 2, Reject Self-Serving Power. I include financial plans to pay for both Building The Climate Change Bridge, and Building The Selfless Economy.

The discussions I have been fortunate to have with concerned citizens at my book signings have confirmed to me that I am on the right track. One conversation that sums up what I constantly hear is my discussion with a lady from Indiana with three sons ages eighteen to late twenties. They were all upper middle class and obviously already successful in life. But they are all concerned about the sons’ futures, the future of our Country, and the future of the planet. It is no secret most of the Nation shares their same concerns and anxieties. There is growing doubt about any responsible leadership or strategies for how we move forward as a society. This book was written to provide the Nation with a plan for our future.

I believe there are two $20 Trillion opportunities waiting for our Nation to embrace for the future. $20 Trillion Opportunity One is pursuing a 5% Usable Fresh Water Goal for climate change. $20 Trillion Opportunity Two is building The Selfless Economy. I combine these topics, opportunities, and plans in the same book because they are very much interrelated and dependent on each other.

The 5% Usable Fresh Water Goal will eliminate the total equivalent of all carbon emissions and pollution the U.S. has ever emitted since its inception, and show the rest of the World how they can do the same, without the need for a global damage fund.



$20 Trillion Opportunity One – 5% Usable Fresh Water

  1. 5% Usable Fresh Water Should Be the Top Climate Change Goal
  2. Positioning Climate Change Lakes, Islands and Serendipity Pools in North America
  3. Open Ocean And Glacier Water Chillers
  4. Rebuilding Mountain Range Snow Caps And Glaciers
  5. Brine Mountains, CO2 Peat Bogs, and 21st Century Monasteries
  6. Positioning Climate Change Lakes, Islands, and Serendipity Pools Outside North America
  7. Ocean Water Transfer Credits
  8. Cleaning Up the Oceans With Climate Change Islands
  9. Rifle Shots on Super-Emitters
  10. Land Rushes of 1889, 2050, 2075, 2100
  11. Maintaining and Exploiting the Positives from Global Warming
  12. Paying For Climate Change

$20 Trillion Opportunity Two – The Selfless Economy

  1. Planning The Selfless Economy
  2. Community Positioning for Leadership Layering and Constructing Serendipity Pools
  3. Clubhouse Incubators – Building Businesses Building Lives
  4. Ending Crime And Prison Life
  5. The Wars On Religion, Spirituality, and the Hall of Souls – Secular False Prophecies
  6. Seniors Housing and Circle of Life Retirement
  7. Manufacture Like Nature Manufactures – Understanding Self-Assembling
  8. Addressing Strategic Atrophy – Reimagining Our Military-Industrial Complex and Civilian Relationships
  9. Paying Our Debts and Fixing Our Financial Mess
  10. ESG Investing By Prophecy
  11. Case Studies: Learning The Two $20 Trillion Opportunities”