Onshoring from China and Autonomous Devices

Our onshoring from China plans and work include the following 3 strategies and content…

The Two $20 Trillion Opportunities

The following information is referenced from: “The Two $20 Trillion Opportunities”, By: James Michael Matthew Introduction The Two $20 Trillion Opportunities is the third and final part of a three-part series dedicated to providing new solutions for solving the critical problems brought by global warming, climate change, rising ocean coastlines, biodiversity loss, desertification, ocean pollution, and fresh waters depletion. This […]

JM Prophecies Real Estate Fund I Investor Presentation

Read about our real estate fund to implement Step 5 of our Mission: Inverting the Global Wealth Inequality Pyramid. We are actively recruiting partners who want to be a part of our Mission. We also welcome your feedback and ideas as we pursue our Mission.

Building the Climate Change Bridge

Contemporary global energy policies have not and will not set forth a viable transition plan or set of strategies and tactics we can use to evolve from a society dependent on fossil fuels to a sustainable society. Our plans as outlined in this discussion can provide that transition, a bridge for how we can transition from fossil fuels to green energy based societies – a bridge for how we get to there from here.

Climate Change Research and Plans

I plan to publish my next book entirely devoted to this topic. My book will set forth my solutions to address climate change and global warming through focusing on thermal expansion of the oceans and a complementary issue of groundwater depletion. Groundwater depletion accounts for approximately 7% of rising ocean levels. Climate change cannot be understood, let alone solved, without also considering thermal expansion of the oceans and the related topic of groundwater depletion.

The 3 Pendulums of a Society

St. Augustine is the oldest city in the U.S., founded in September 1565. Two of the original buildings are the Governor’s House – the Political Foundation of the City, and The Cathedral Basilica – the Civil Society Foundation of the City. The Treasury On The Plaza – the Economic Foundation of the City was added in the 1920’s. These 3 same Foundations still form the 3 parts of a modern society today. I call these “The 3 Pendulums of a Society”. I refer to these 3 Foundations as Pendulums because they are constantly swinging back and forth independently in 3 dimensions.

Inverting the Global Wealth Inequality Pyramid

Why do we at JM Prophecies Corporation believe we can be successful in reversing these long historical inequalities when so many others have failed over time and continue to flail about with no progress in sight? Conceptually, our approach is simple. Those who others see as drains on society, we see as our target markets.

Prophecy before Vision: Learning to See and Altering the Future

I have come to believe the reason people struggle so much with vision is they have no innate feel or understanding for what I call “Prophecy.” Prophecy must come before vision. If you have no insight into what future external forces hold for your organization, how can you lead that organization? If you have no feel for what events are hurtling toward you and your company (e.g., global wealth inequality), how can you plan or prepare?